Cloud is not your path to a Successful Digital Transformation

Cloud has been proven to be an effective agent for disrupting your business and accelerating your digital transformation. However, we keep seeing transformation failures despite the use of latest and greatest technology. Why is that?

Driving your Digital Transformation with technologies, such as cloud, at the spotlight is a path of failure or minimum value

Many organizations have invested in transformational programs focused on cloud technology, but not all are realizing the business benefits from this investment. Those who have realized real business transformation from cloud technology, have realized that only 30% of the change required is about technology. So, what is the other 70%? Pairing culture with technology is the path for a successful Digital Transformation. In other words, as part of your Digital Transformation, you need to include a Cultural Transformation.

For more details on how to enable your Cultural Transformation, augment the capabilities of the IT organization and overcome the challenges to start execution, download How company culture drives digital transformation by Microsoft Services.

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