What I’m doing now

I’m in Toronto currently working on the following:

  • Focus my Digital Transformation efforts into Transforming the Financial Services Industry in Canada
  • Become a writer and contributor for Microsoft while continuing my journey as a writer on my personal blog
  • In the process of creating my first podcast
  • Helping organizations realized their Digital Aspirations positioning them at the head of the curve
  • Focused everything I do around Transformation: Digital and Personal transformation
  • My personal mission have been to change the world. Now I decided to do it alongside Microsoft. The synergies between me as an individual and Microsoft as a company are remarkable. I’m now committed to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more
  • Close to complete my coaching at Rotman School of Management for the Business Edge Program

What I’m reading now

Check on the bottom left side of the screen the books that I’m currently reading.

What I’m listening now

Normally, I’ll use this space to showcase music that I’ve been listening lately and how I feel about it. However, for this one time I will change the format and recommend you to listen to something else (believe it is really worth it)

  • Inside Quest hosted by Tom Bilyeu
    • Source:
    • Comments: If you are looking for a transformation in your life, this is the place to be. Not only Tom has a proven record of success, he is also committed to share the wealth and wisdom so you can achieve success as well.

What Article or Blog I’m checking now

During the last days of 2016 I got the chance to discover new blogs and sources of information. I’m in the process of curating them and sharing them with you. Stay tuned.

Honorable Mention: I would like to thank Derek Sivers for coming up with the idea of a “Now” page and also for being a source of ideas for my own now page (Derek’s Now Page Here). Also Thanks to Tim Ferriss to provide me with some inspiration for this page based on his “5-Bullet Friday” Structure and Content.