You wake up, and guess what? You are Irrelevant — Part II

In part I of this post, we talked the concept of being irrelevant and how this is more an opportunity for you to transform yourself. In this second and final post, we will delve into how you can embrace irrelevancy and how pairing it with timing you will find the formula of a successful transformation.

No one owns today, take it!

I love sports, but most important than that, I love watching the people side of sports. The effort, the sacrifice, the commitment. It is a thing of beauty. There is a commercial that I saw one or two years ago from my favorite sports brand (See link below). Having said that, if you want to get the yeast of the commercial, the key message goes something like this:

The last goal, it doesn’t matter.

The last victory, already forgotten.

Yesterday is gone. Down in the record books.

But today, today is up for grabs.

Unbelievable, unwritten, undecided

Do something and be remembered,

Or do nothing and be forgotten…

…No one owns today, Take It!

I love the underlying message. Beyond sports, this is the way life works. Believe or not, every morning when you wake up, no one owns today. Not Elon Musk, Not Bill Gates, not Mark Zuckerberg, not Richard Branson, not you and not me. Not yet. But what I can assure you is that a portion of the people wake up and do their very best to own the day. And just before midnight, before the new day arrives, you will assess what you did, and you know if you take it all, a piece of it or none of it.

So imagine the possibilities. Everyday when you wake up, the Universe is at your disposal. There universe is not biased. But it will go with your flow. Wether you decide you want to send people to mars, connect the world, empower every person on the planet, deliver that presentation, take a stand to defend an ideal that you believe in. Or even in a contrast view, you decide to stay in bed watching tv all day and the possibilities of improvement are zero.

So life is giving the best chance everyday to make a dent in the universe. You wake up being irrelevant (becoming a novice once again), opening space for you to get rid of the old things that you don’t need anymore (emptying your cup) and filling that cup with new things that will help you get a bit closer towards your reason to be on this planet. On top of that, you wake up with a new bucket of 24 hours. Every human being on this planet wakes up in the same universal state. It is up to you to decide how do you wanna finish that day.

Embrace being irrelevant and take ownership of today, your day. And maybe

, just maybe, today is the day that you change the world. If that is the case, celebrate it, enjoy it. If not, there is nothing to worry about just bounce back and get ready. Because tomorrow is a clean slate once again. The victory of the winner and the defeat of the loser will both be forgotten regardless. All that counts is the step you took to move yourself and the world forward.

It’s on you now. Embrace it, take it!

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